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Please read the following terms and conditions for use of the website. Use of the website establishes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any order placed is further confirmation of your acceptance of these terms and conditions. All information we hold is kept on a secure server thereby ensuring confidentiality, any information held will be used to provide appropriate customer service, the information will only be available for use by www.pharmacyexpress.com.au .


All information available from the website or any associated links from the website is not intended nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Futhermore, information available on product packaging, in consumer information leaflets or product labels is considered as a prime information source and any information contained within the website is not to be considered a substitute for such.

Any information whatsoever provided from this website has no warranty and is provided for general informational purposes only, further, information must always be obtained from a pharmacist, medical practitioner or appropriate health professional.

Professional advice is required for the commencement of any new medical and health treatment prescribed by a registered health professional or otherwise, for any medical condition. Treatment dosages for any product supplied require further specific professional advice and any information provided from the website is no substitute for such. Futhermore any information of any sort is in no way or form to be considered as medical advice whatsoever, your obligation is to discuss any information further with an appropriate health professional. Any resulting outcome will depend on your, or the parties you represent, obligation to seek and fulfil the need for further advice.


Unless otherwise specified, www.pharmacyexpress.com.au is the sole owner of all material, whether content or otherwise, available at this site and is subject to all copyright laws. Copyright © 2008. Any computer software used on the website is the sole property of www.pharmacyexpress.com.au , no unauthorised use is permissible .Your use of the website assumes full recognition that all material, computer software or otherwise is covered by international copyright laws and or other intellectual property rights. Besides the use of this website for the purpose of purchasing products or viewing material contained within the website, prior written permission is necessary from www.pharmacyexpress.com.au for any other use whatsoever. All rights are reserved.


By ordering a product from the website you agree that any claim arising from the product sold is limited to the price paid for that product All Products supplied by www.pharmacyexpress.com.au from the website are supplied without warranty and claims arising for any reason are limited to the price paid for the particular item/s. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au, their Representatives, Officers, Employees, Directors or other Personnel shall in no way be liable whether vicarious, punitive or otherwise for any legal action resulting from the use of this website.


Use of this website is at your own risk. This website may contain links from or to other websites, Pharmacy Express or its associates does not take responsibility for the accuracy or decency of information contained in those websites, the links are provided for additional information only. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au cannot warrant the website for errors whether electronic, contextual or for material or products provided for sale. Any claim against www.pharmacyexpress.com.au, their Officers, Representatives, Directors, Employees or otherwise is hereby waived with respect to claims resulting from damage to electronic property whether software or otherwise through the use of the website. Furthermore by using the site you indemnify www.pharmacyexpress.com.au from any claim arising from the provision or lack of provision of necessary information for the purchase of a product through the website. Information supplied to www.pharmacyexpress.com.au as part of the registration and ordering process must be truthful and accurate. The user waives any right to claim from www.pharmacyexpress.com.au their Officers, Representatives, Directors, Employees or otherwise where complete information has not been provided at the time of ordering, furthermore it is the users obligation to maintain their registration profile with respect to patient information where changes are appropriate. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au reserves the right to cancel and bar registration if evidence exists to suspect information provided is inaccurate, fraudulent, incomplete, incorrect or not updated.

www.pharmacyexpress.com.au reserves the right to operate as a free entity unencumbered by other parties with respect to their financial situation and reliance on www.pharmacyexpress.com.au. As such www.pharmacyexpress.com.au will not be liable for any damages in anyway whatsoever, whether a result of an act or omission resulting from the use of the website, the financial effects of using or not using the website, the effect of being included in material on the website or not being included in material on the website.

www.pharmacyexpress.com.au their Officers , Representatives, Directors, Employees or otherwise are under no circumstance liable for any act or omission whether negligent or willful. The user will be provided with a personal user password, this is confidential information and is only to be used by that registered user. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au shall under no circumstances be held liable for the misuse of such confidential information. The user is obliged to inform www.pharmacyexpress.com.au where the integrity of their password and personal registration details is no longer secure.


Personal Cheques, Company Cheques, Cashier’s Cheques and Money Orders in $AUS:

www.pharmacyexpress.com.au accepts all of the above payment methods. Orders will be processed immediately upon receipt of a money order or bank cashier’s cheque. For personal and company cheques, we may need up to 10 banking days following receipt for clearance of funds before the order can be processed. This delay means www.pharmacyexpress.com.au cannot guarantee the availability of a product by the time funds clear or payment is received. You will be liable for any bank charges for dishonoured or returned cheque charges.

Credit Cards:

We accept all major credit cards including, Visa & MasterCard. There is no added charge for using your credit card to make purchases at www.pharmacyexpress.com.au . Please be sure to provide full details on our order form as this is our unique way of providing secure purchasing without the security risk over the internet. Your credit card will be billed upon shipment of your order Incorrect or incomplete information may cause delays.


The receipt of an electronic order form or any other form used to order does not indicate our acceptance of your order, nor does it indicate the acceptance of an offer to sell. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au reserves the right following receipt, or at any stage of processing your order, to accept or decline the said order for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore www.pharmacyexpress.com.au reserves the right at any time of processing an order, without prior notice or confirmation to supply a quantity less than that ordered for any item, all offers of products for sale are while stocks last, we do not give rainchecks unless by written notice. Additional verification or information may be required for certain products prior to accepting any order.


By using the www.pharmacyexpress.com.au website you agree not to exploit for any purposes whatsoever including the following to: reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, amend, interfere, adjust, tamper or any other activity not mentioned whether for commercial or otherwise anything attributed to or contained within the website. Access to the website must only be by means of the interface provided solely for access to the www.pharmacyexpress.com.au website (located at www.pharmacyexpress.com.au), failure to comply with the access requirement will likely lead to prosecution.


www.pharmacyexpress.com.au RESERVES THE RIGHT to withhold or suspend access to part or all of the website, without prior notice, any conduct that in the sole discretion is believed by the website operator to be in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to the interests of the user, or another party, or is deemed to require a duty of care. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au may monitor any area of the website and may be required to disclose information or data, of any kind to satisfy a request from a legal, regulatory, or government agency. Furthermore we may need to disclose information to such agencies to protect our legal rights, or the rights of website users, or other www.pharmacyexpress.com.au agents or associates.


In the event of an incorrect price due to typographical error or error in pricing information. www.pharmacyexpress.com.au shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for a product listed at the incorrect price. A full credit will be made for any products processed if payment has been received.


So far as legally possible this Agreement, the terms and conditions for use of the website shall be governed by the laws in existence from time to time in Australia. Any claims relating to www.pharmacyexpress.com.au or the website service shall be governed by the internal laws of the state of NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA and furthermore you agree to submit to having any matter or claim dealt with in a court in SYDNEY, in the state of, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA.


We reserve the right to terminate your access to the website, your use of the website acknowledges that www.pharmacyexpress.com.au shall in no way be liable following such termination for any losses or effects following such termination, whether of a financial nature or otherwise.


The Terms of Use and Conditions constitute the agreement between pharmacyexpress.com.au and you for the use of the website. Additional terms and conditions may apply when you use associated websites or services, associated content or software. The failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of theses Terms or Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or provisions. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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